Honeymoon in Jamaica

We went to Montego Bay Jamaica for our Honeymoon and stayed at the Montego Bay Sandals Resort.  This was the first beach vacation for us and I was not ready for the amount of time Patricia would spend sun tanning.  As a result of this I ended up getting pretty burnt while we were there.  I have since learned to not try and stay in the sun as much as Patricia otherwise I will fry.  I have to make sure I stay under cover as much as I can.

Overall Jamaica was nice.  It was a little scary when you went off the resort but that might just be because we were not used to traveling.  Going now we might not find it as scary given we have traveled a lot more.   When we went off the resort we went to the River Dunn Falls and also to a coffee plantation.

This was also our first and last all inclusive resort we have stayed at.  Not sure why we have never been back to one maybe one day.


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